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DanceBeat   Deborah Jowitt on bodies in motion,  5/6/2020


Artistic Director Stephen Pier on the 25th Anniversary of Hartt Dance at University of Hartford

The Dance Enthusiast   1/27/2020


-Guest Performance Review

Limón Dance Company: Enduring Legacy

Jerry Hochman  Critical Dance   6/1/2019

Límon Dance Company: Spring 2019 Season

By Sheila Kogan     Theater Scene    6/1/2019


Limón Dance Company @ The Joyce

By Philip Gardner 

Oberon's Grove  5/30/2019


By Gus Solomons Jr



BWW Interviews: Stephen Pier - Heart to Hartt

by Barnett Serchuk Sep. 17, 2013  


Article from José Limón Company News Letter :

Former Company member Stephen Pier recently returned from setting "The Unsung" on the Royal Danish Ballet, so we asked him to write about his experiences.

Screen Shot 2021-01-02 at 10.25.50.png
Screen Shot 2020-12-26 at 13.00.54.png


May 30, 2013
Rite of Spring "Sacrificial Dance"
The Hartford Symphony
the Belding Theater at the Bushnell Center for the Performing Arts


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Screen Shot 2021-01-03 at 10.28.32.png


"Hartford Courant"     

June 1, 2013     by JEFFREY JOHNSON

The "Rite" was originally a ballet, and Stephen Pier from The Hartt School Dance Division choreographed the "Sacrificial Dance." Jane Cracovaner and Christopher LaFleche emerged during the tense and expectant music just prior to the fierce final section where a young maiden dances herself to death as a sacrifice to the Earth in order to regenerate spring. LaFleche created a hypnotic presence that made the ritual seem destined to move forward. Cracovaner impressed with a unique fluidity and unrelenting physical energy. The dancers embodied the beautifully disturbing sense of this musical passage. It was a memorable way to close the concert.


Why Do I Have to Take Ballet?

By Laura Di Orio   Dance Informa American Edition  5/3/2013



The IMZ International Music + Media Centre

Dance Screen  

San Francisco Dance Film Festival 2013

catalogue #182 

CORDA Foundation

Salome KC.png
Salome-IMZ Dance Screen 2013 catlogue SF



February 20 Saturday 2010 3:00pm

Shotorashion For Gagaku Ensemble and Dancers
Music From Japan
Merkin Concert Hall


The New York Times: The Arts 2/22/2010
Allan Kozinn/Music Review
"Shotorashion," a rhythmically vital, three-movement dance piece, with raucous sho figures and tactile percussion, closed the program. Stephen Pier and Maya Sakai danced their own choreography, with Mr. Pier taking a more modern, expressive approach in the outer movements, and Ms. Sakai dancing in a more traditional style.

Screen Shot 2021-01-03 at 10.39.22.png
Screen Shot 2021-01-03 at 10.28.57.png


February 6, Saturday 2010 3:00pm
Shotorashion For Gagaku Ensemble and Dancers
Fukushima, Japan


February 7   TheYomiuri Shimbun, Japan

Shotorashion for Gagaku Ensemble and Dancers

Fukushima, Japan


"VISIONS and VOICES: Altria/ABT Women's Choreography Project"

-Panel Discussion & Presentation

February 1 & 2,2009   Sunday and Monday, 2009---7:30pm
"VISIONS and VOICES: Altria/ABT Women's Choreography Project"
Contact Guggenheim Museum: Works & Process
New York, NY


"VISIONS and VOICES: Altria/ABT Women's Choreography Project"

-Panel Discussion & Presentation

February 1 & 2,2009   Sunday and Monday, 2009---7:30pm
"VISIONS and VOICES: Altria/ABT Women's Choreography Project"
Contact Guggenheim Museum: Works & Process
New York, NY


March 25, 2008

ABT Announces Voices and Visions: The Altria/ABT Women's Choreography Project

Choreographic Initiative to Support New Commissions for ABT II and Mentoring Workshops for ABT Dancers



November 28,2008

This week, we caught up with choreographer and Juilliard faculty member Stephen Pier, who’s leading the training, and ABT corps member Elizabeth Mertz, one of the five ballerinas taking part in it.


Nameless Garden     

M-deux Ballet  Nagoya, Japan



Eri Karatsu --- Chacotte Online Review 2008
....was full of free spirit that it looked as if the dance had literally shaken the space and vibrated the air. I found some Eastern spirituality in it. Mr. Pier's choreography powerfully showed a spirit of modern dance


On Stage News Paper, Japan --- 2008/8/1
The nature is generated, withers, and reproduces in the Nameless Garden. Pier seems to have requested a spiritual deeper, more various spaces though was going to be compared to person's life.
The dancer crouched, beat the floor, and made up the space where the reality crosses with the unreality by complex movement getting on pungent music and the changed lighting of a little darkness.

Screen Shot 2021-01-03 at 12.34.45.png


Dicapo Opera Theatre : Puccini Project : Messa di Gloria & Le Villi

Premiere : New York


Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower --- 1/12/2007

Puccini's Messa Di Gloria....Stephen Pier, the new work's choreographer had the Nilas Martins dance ensemble moving with up-stretched arms, all the while with feet firmly placed onstage....The dancers flowed with the chorus, in a structure that paired male dancers and male chorus, female dancers and female chorus, plus mixed gender performances, and, at times, the entire chorus or orchestra performed unaccompanied by dancers, for a constantly shifting focus in genre and aesthetic.


ANNE MIDGETTE --- the New York Times ---1/15/2007...striking performances of choreography by Stephen Pier ('Messa di Gloria')the 'Messa di Gloria' showed that Dicapo is capable of achieving a higher standard. And Mr. Pier's choreography reflected the bright, busy (sometimes cheesy) music in interesting ways. When the low voices intoned, 'Qui tollis peccata mundi,' he sent the male dancers across the front of the stage in Graham-like poses that were later embellished with the female dancers on a repeat when the women's voices joined in.


Le Villi       Nilas Martin Dance Company
Premiere : New York


Michael Popkin ----- Danceviewtimes ----- 4/3/2006
....there were also moments of substance and beauty, particularly in the works by Stephen Pier.
The most stunning of these works was the dance for Meunier by Stephen Pier to the soprano aria, 'Would I Could Be Like to the Flowers.'

.....the preceding work for Meunier by Pier, provided the real displays of 'passion' on this bill.




Eloquence in Motion   New York Sun ----- 3/27/2006

By JOEL LOBENTHAL | March 27, 2006
...Ms. (Monique) Meunier's only appearance, in a solo choreographed by Stephen Pier, was the evening's highlight. Mr. Pier's solo, choreographed to an aria from 'Le Villi,' provided her with elements of earth-mother lamentation. Rising from the ground to her full height, her body palpitating with emotion as she stood on half pointe, Ms. Meunier the kind of protean performer who, if paired with the right choreographic collaborators, could develop new possibilities of dance language and expression.




Eclectic choreography on stage

Jennie Lay      Steamboat Pilot & Today  7/23/2004

“Evening of Dance” closes with a new piece by guest artist Stephen Pier. Pier choreographed “Brilliant Sky” using the Perry-Mansfield dancers earlier this summer. Discussing the new work among Perry-Mansfield’s dance instructors, Keen called Pier’s new work “very modern and very important.”

The instructors agreed that this is a unique opportunity to see a dance with its original cast, showcasing the purest initial intent of the choreographer.

“He was thrilled with the dancers,” Kent said of Pier.

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Grace Under Pressure: Passing Dance Through Time 

     by Barbara Newman

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     by Dawn Lille



Kazouk Web Site SP Interview

CTFD   SP Mentioned regarding “After the Dancing Stops.”

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